AC Drives From ABB

ABB’s AC drives are efficient and effective controllers used to adjust the frequency of an electric motor’s supply. This AC Drive has the capability to control the speed of various applications including fans, pumps, compressors or conveyors.
ABB variable frequency drives are energy conservers because of their maintained speed based on the projected commands. Because of its ability to effectively control speed, ABB AC drives are not as prone to typical wear and tear. In the long run, this significantly reduces the cost of maintenance.

In addition to its cost–effective maintenance, ABB AC drives are also easy to install and utilize. With ABB AC drives, there is always room to upgrade the system when needed. Based on your preferences, there are various different ABB drives to choose from.

Some include general purpose drives and industrial drives. ABB’s general purpose drives support the most essential and necessary features to offer a full-featured, highly-functional product. Because of its built-in features, there is no extra hardware necessary.

Applications ideal for this drive include pumps, fans, mixers, and more. ABB’s industrial drives are fully equipped with full torque control and connectivity among various different automation networks. This control system is not only easy to use, but energy efficient while producing the maximum amount of outputs.

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