AC Drives From AC Technology

AC Technology, combined with Lenze America, strives towards developing efficient, high-performance control solutions. The brand features general purpose drives, servo drives, and various motor gears. Each of these products offers variable speed capabilities as well as multifunctional usage.

Some of AC Technology’s products include Sub-Micro drives, MCH Series drives, and MC Series inverters. AC Tech’s Sub-Micro drives are equipped with various networks, components, and communication devices. This system is suitable for any machine, ranging from basic to complex functionality.

The MCH Series were specifically designed to satisfy the HVAC market by optimizing industry standard requirements. Each MCH drive features line reactors, 3-contractor bypass, input disconnect and more.

Another AC Tech product is the MC Series inverters. This horsepower drive can be used for both simple and advanced applications. This system can support high torque loads at a low cost. MC Series inverters feature speed control, PID set-point control, and an extensive range of input and output.

Because of its advanced technology, AC Tech’s drives need to be handled with the best care. At Schneider Electric Repair, we provide professional and quality repair service to fix any AC drive problem you may have. Each repair is performed by specialists who are masters of their craft.

We provide a wide range of services such as product replacements and exchanges. To view our full range of repairs available, click to find them listed within our AC Technology service catalog.