AC Drives From Allen-Bradley

Allen-Bradley strives towards developing cutting-edge technology for various industrial and manufacturing uses. In particular, their Powerflex series of AC drives are technologically advanced.

These AC drives offer a variety of options to program your drive including control modes, features, options, voltages, and more. AB PowerFlex drives are efficient in their configuration, setup, and operation, ensuring a consistent, cost-effective performance.  Because of the features and settings that PowerFlex drives offer, they are optimum for high-performance capabilities.

The Powerflex AC series drives come in both architecture and compact drives. The architecture drives are ideal for a complex control system and applications. This class optimizes and controls applications on a larger scale.

For a more simple performance, the PowerFlex compact AC drive is the perfect solution. This version is the simple yet high-quality option to integrate and control various machine applications. It is efficient and effective in its versatility and panel performance. 

Schneider Electric Repair specializes in the repair or exchange of any AC drive. In addition, we provide a multitude of Allen-Bradley repair solutions.

Whether you need a specific part or remanufacture of a certain product, we have just the services you’re looking for. To see more information about our repair services for Allen-Bradley products, click to view our AB catalog.