Allen Bradley Drive Repair Request

Protecting your Allen Bradley drive from damage is an integral part of the brake resistors function. An improperly sized, damaged, or burned resistor will negatively affect motor operations and cause unnecessary down time.

At Schneider Electric Industrial Repair Services, we can not only provide you with OEM Allen Bradley resistors, but can help you select the brake resistor that is designed for your specific application. There are a number of reasons that brake resistors fail prematurely, and not all are self-evident.

Our service team has years of experience analyzing systems and troubleshooting Allen Bradley drive problems.

Allen Bradley Drive Burned Resistors – Troubleshooting

  • Contact Schneider Electric Repair to review your Allen Bradley drive power issue
  • Live chat with an engineer to discuss your Allen Bradley resistor problems
  • Take pictures of your Allen Bradley resistor along with your information
  • Take notes on any recent event that led to your resistor issues
  • If Possible, identify the Current Allen Bradley product number for your existing resistor

Selecting the correct Allen Bradley resistor is more than just a simple calculation, factors including motor usage and environmental factors such as cooling can all contribute to resistor failure.

When selecting a new resistor or troubleshooting a problem, a dedicated Schneider engineer will work with you to determine the correct wattage resistor that will give you the maximum service life. If you need emergency service, the Schneider service team can provide responsive on-site service as well.

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As with all drive components, safety is a major concern. Operating with components that are functioning poorly or substituting failed parts with inadequate replacements can cause damage to other systems as well.

To ensure that you’re using the correct Allen Bradley resistor and to obtain comprehensive failure analysis, contact Schneider Electric and we’ll provide the assistance that will maximize your repair efforts.