Allen Bradley Drive Feedback Loss

Loss of feedback in an Allen Bradley drive can cause a host of operational issues and outright failure. However, determining the cause of the feedback loss may be a difficult undertaking.

The Schneider Electric Industrial Repair Services team has the diagnostic expertise to quickly determine the root cause of feedback issues and remedy the problem in the most cost effective manner possible. Allen Bradley drives are engineered for a long, trouble-free service life; causes for loss of feedback are a diverse as AB drive applications.

Allen Bradley Drive Relay Loss Of Feedback – What You Should Do

  • Contact us to get a specialist to review your feedback issue
  • Give us the contact information where we can reach you along with some pictures of the drive if possible
  • Were there any events that led to the issue?
  • See if you can identify the product number for the drive in question

Because feedback signals can be transmitted from such a range of sources, inconstancies and loss of feedback can easily be misdiagnosed, and/or be indicative of other issues that are not so evident.

This is where an Allen Bradley drive specialist from Schneider Electric can save you the headache of trying to find the issue. Schneider Electric has diagnosed and repaired so many drive feedback issues that in many cases with enough information, they can determine the problem before a service tech even sees the equipment.

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Getting the right diagnosis is as important as getting the right Allen Bradley parts to repair the issue. Feedback issues can sometimes be the most difficult to diagnose; if your maintenance staff isn’t qualified, don’t take the chance. 

Diagnosing energized equipment poses many risks, the least of which is further damage to related equipment. Employee safety is at stake, so if you don’t have factory trained technicians on hand, call Schneider Electric for fast service and the highest quality new and remanufactured Allen Bradley parts.

For more information, contact Schneider directly.