Allen Bradley PLC No Communication

The reasons for Allen Bradley PLC communication issues can vary greatly, from using the wrong cables and improper configuration to software and sensor connectivity.

For fast resolution of Allen Bradley PLC no communication issues, contact the Industrial Service team at Schneider Electric Industrial Repair Services. The Schneider team specializes in Allen Bradley PLCs, and can quickly diagnose communication problems, pulling from years of industry experience.

PLCs have been in use since the early 70’s, and Schneider Electric Repair has been refurbishing and servicing them for over 40 years.
If you’re having a PLC communication issue, or experiencing no communication we have seen it, diagnosed it, and repaired it. Let’s get started!


Allen Bradley PLC No Communication – Troubleshooting

Schneider Electric stocks a wide range of new and refurbished Allen Bradley products, including PLCs.

When you call a Schneider professional, you’ll get expert support from people who understand communications issues with your PLC, and can guide you to the right parts for your applications. On-site diagnostics are world class, and designed to get your problem resolved quickly and efficiently.

Should you need a New Allen Bradley PLC, We can provide the following:

PLCs are the heart of a control system, having the right components for your system installed by an industry professional will alleviate the risk of causing damage to related components.

If your in-house staff is capable, Schneider Electric can provide you with genuine Allen Bradley PLCs. As with any electrical component, always follow the prescribed safety procedures. Always de-energize the system and utilize a robust LOTO program to ensure your employees safety.

Contact us to learn more about our Allen Bradley PLC repair capabilities.