AC Drives From Baldor

Baldor offers various different drive capabilities to meet your standard needs. Each of their drives is equipped with unique features to maintain its high functionality and high-quality standard.

Baldor’s AC drives are designed with a keypad to ensure control efficiency within the drive. Some of their AC drives include ACS drives, ACB drives, soft starters, and micro inverters.

ACS drives are designed to provide high-performance capabilities in a compact drive. Each drive within this series allows for variable torque applications to be optimized as well as OEM applications.

Baldor also offers an ACB series of inverter drives. ACB drives are designed to support various types of torque or horsepower functions. You have the option of selecting either heavy-duty or normal functionality, depending on the drives intended use.

Baldor also offers high-performance soft starters. Each soft starter is equipped with a three phase starter, indicating versatile and dynamic functionality. The use of soft starts makes the torque process steadier because of the application’s initial voltage control. Another Baldor AC drive is the micro inverter.

This product is compact and convenient because no programming is required. This inverter also provides current adjustable limitations to obtain better voltage control.

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