AC Drives From Cutler-Hammer

Cutler-Hammer has a wide variety of AC drives to choose from depending on your manufacturing needs. Each drive is equipped with several unique programmable features to optimize OEM applications.

Cutler-Hammer drives are also cost and space effective. Each AC drive has energy saving technology and space saving capabilities to make the drive design more convenient.

The brand's high-quality drives offer variable frequency measures to adjust the speed to match output specifications. Their selection of AC drives include the M-MAX Series, MVX9000, NFX9000, SLX9000, and SVX9000.

Cutler-Hammer’s M-MAX series are equipped in making its applications easy-to-use yet effective. This series of AC drives is ideal for controlling conveyor belts, pumps, and fans. The MVX9000 series offers different levels of speed control, with up to three phases of motor capabilities.

The NFX9000 series drives offer standard features, adjustable speed, convenient setup, and optimized applications. The SLX9000 class offers all-in-one application in a compact yet powerful drive.

Their SVX9000 series drives provide quality control technology to monitor outputs and changes in parameters over time. All of these drives are in a class of their own, offering both quality and efficient drive capabilities.

A quality source in servicing these AC drives is Schneider Electric Repair. Each repair is meticulously done by our specialists to ensure the AC drive functions as good as new.

We offer services in repairing, part replacements, and product diagnostics. For more information about our Cutler-Hammer repair options, click here to see our catalog.