AC Drives From Danfoss

Danfoss is the leader in manufacturing high-quality drives, offering innovative and reliable products. They strive to provide quality and efficient drive solutions for the most advanced motion controls.

Each drive is focused on providing different frequency controls for various applications including speed, torque, positioning, and high overall motor performance. Danfoss offers several control motors including soft starters, gear motors, industrial controls and more.

Each AC drive is energy-effective as well as innovative. Danfoss’ newest technology is their VLT HVAC drives. This drives’ main function is to regulate temperature and flow so the motor can become more energy-effective and reliable.

This cutting-edge technology allows for a controlled voltage because it is constantly altering its conditions based on the speed and inputs. Each drive also features a Sleep Mode function. This monitors whether or not the motor is running and turns it off if no output is produced.

The innovation of the VLT HVAC technology makes the motor control system much more efficient. Each drive has a PID controller that acts as a separate set point controller. This makes the control system more convenient because it is a two-in-one control function.

These drives also have the capability to communicate with other working drives to obtain the best integration possible. Here at Schneider Electric Repair, we work towards maintaining the standard of your Danfoss quality product.

Our specialists provide the product knowledge to properly repair, replace, exchange or remanufacturer any AC Drive. If you'd like to find out more regarding our services, take a look at our Danfoss repair catalog.