AC Drives From Fuji Electric

Fuji Electric offers world class AC drives that optimize various applications such as conveyor belts, pumps, fans, and more. Each one of these applications becomes more cost-effective and efficient with the use of a Fuji Electric AC drive.

Fuji offers a wide range of drives to suit any controlled motor operation. Every Fuji variable frequency drive is made with quality and durable parts to ensure that it’s reliable and highly functional.

Two of Fuji’s high-quality AC drives are FRENIC-EcoPAK and FRENIC-EcoPUMP. Fuji’s FRENIC-EcoPAK is ideal for fan and pump operations.

Using the EcoPAK can optimize system processes while reducing cost and maintenance. FRENIC EcoPUMP also generates an optimal performance. This AC drive is ideal for outdoor usage, equipped with features such as broken pipe detection, PID control, pump start control and more.

This system works towards easing the stress of the pumping system while saving energy and money. Overall, Fuji Electric offers high-quality, state of the art variable frequency drives that can satisfy any controlled motor operation.

At Schneider Electric Repair, we offer the most advanced repair services in the industry. Each product is handled carefully and precisely fixed to match the product standard. We specialize in repairing advanced AC drives including Fuji Electric.

Our repair services include product exchanges, part replacement, and remanufacturing of products. Regardless of your electrical repair needs, Schneider Repairs is the perfect solution. To see a full list of our offerings, follow the link to the Fuji Electric repair catalog.