AC Drives From General Electric

General Electric is known as the innovator behind various technological breakthroughs. Like their innovation in most technology, GE’s AC drives are ahead of their time. Each AC drive is designed to reduce costs and energy consumption while maintaining high-performance capabilities.

Their AF-6 series drives are compact and easy to use, without sacrificing their advanced features and capabilities. Some drives within the General Electric AF-6 series include AF-650 GP* General Purpose Drives, AF-6 Series MultiPulse Drive Panel, AF-60 LP* Micro Drives, and AF-600 FP* Enclosed Drive Panel.

GE’s AF-650 GP drives are designed to maintain stability within various processes including torque applications and material handling applications. This drive promotes both value and cost-effective operations.

The AF-6 Series MultiPulse Drive is a panel solution that offers speed control power to a complete panel.

General Electric’s AF-60 LP* Micro Drives are ideal for controlling small motor systems. This energy efficient drive offers frequency variations for several different applications.

AF-650 GP* Enclosed Drive Panels are ideal for conveyors, agitators, and mixers to optimize each application. This drive supports fan, pump, and torque functionality.

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