AC Drives From Indramat

Indramat AC drives helped revolutionize the design of industrial motor control systems today. Under Bosch Rexroth, Indramat offers various control drives including Indradrive.

This state-of-the-art Indradrive technology provides the most innovative control system to optimize drive power and functionality. Their variable frequency drives come in various different models. Some of Indramat’s specialty drives include compact drives, converters, and control units.

The company’s compact drives are extremely versatile and compact. This system can provide Ethernet-based communication that allows for connectivity to be easily integrated with different software. It also is equipped with a multi-encoder interface for more advanced applications. Indramat also provides high-speed and functional converters.

Their converter class can withstand extremely high overload capacity. Indradrive converters can also be integrated with inverters to save additional operation costs.

Indramat control units offer solutions for standard and high-end applications. Each control unit provides an integrated motion technology with innovative functionality. Indramat offers both basic and advanced control units to better accommodate your specific applications.

At Schneider Electric Repair, we offer a wide range of repair services to match your exact repair needs. We work on making your AC drives as good as new. Our services include part replacement, product exchange, and more. To learn more about how we can improve your Indramat drive, see our catalog for more info.