AC Drives From KEB

For over 40 years, KEB had dedicated its practices to providing optimum drives and control solutions for its consumers. Regardless of its use, KEB focuses on creating a drive solution based on your exact specifications.

Each drive is designed with top-notch, high-quality technology to provide the best solution. KEB offers various types of frequency drives including frequency inverters and servo motors.

The interaction between both the motor and drive is the cornerstone for each drive’s functionality. At KEB, each drive is designed to have complete integration among the motor and drive to create a highly functional and reliable drive.

KEB’s frequency inverters often control and regulate system functions to ensure long time availability. Each inverter offers various power ranges to create an optimized operation for all applications.

KEB also provides innovative Servo technology for drives. This feature allows the drives to remain compact yet functional. Each drive offers speed and torque regulation as well as positioning control.

KEB’s classes of variable frequency drives offer quality and durable drive capabilities to any industry setting. At Schneider Electric Repair, KEB’s unique and innovative technology can be just as meticulously repaired.

Our services include repair, exchange and remanufacturer of various electrical products, including KEB’s drives. For a range of our KEB repair solutions, you should jump to our catalog for a better look.