AC Drives From Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi offers top notch AC and variable speed drives. The company is constantly reviving and creating new innovative technology for both industrial and non-industrial environments.

The newest innovation in Mitsubishi technology is their FREQROL FR-A700 variable speed drive. Each AC drive in this series is ideal for applications such as crane operations, centrifuges, and winding machines.

This latest drive is constantly calculating the optimum functionality while monitoring past operation parameters. The A700 series provides an “auto-tuning” function that ensures that both the AC motor and FR-A700 are working together.

Another feature that Mitsubishi’s AC drives offer is their power saving technology. Each drive is equipped with an energy conservation mode that controls the voltage output so that energy is reduced. This provides a cost-effective and energy-efficient motor solution.

Another feature that these AC drives contain is integrated connectivity. This feature optimizes the drive system because of the ability to work with various different networks including Profibus, CC-Link, and Modibus.

With the use of an FR Configurator, the user can upload and save the parameters of the AC drive. This AC drive is just one of many that Mitsubishi offers. This advanced technology is no match for Schneider Electric Repair.

At Schneider Electric Repair, we are specialists in repair services for any AC drive on the market. We offer various repair services including part replacement, product exchange, and product remanufacture. To find out more about these services, check out our Mitsubishi repair catalog.