AC Drives From Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is the worldwide leader in energy management as well as industrial automation technology. The company provides innovative and reliable ways for our customers to manage and monitor their applications.

One way in which they provide energy management is with the use of variable frequency drives. Schneider Electric offers several different AC drive solutions suitable for any need.

Some of the AC drives offered include soft starts, medium voltage AC drives, and process drives. Their soft starts are cost-effective as well as efficient. They support a range of integrated functions such as the reduction of initial voltage.

In addition to soft starts, Schneider Electric also offers medium voltage AC drives. Medium voltage drives offer both single and multi-motor solutions depending on your preference.

Each drive within this class provides wide range connectivity, giving you the option to control drive functions from your computer. These drives are ideally used for applications such as pumps, fans, and compressors.

Each process drive is equipped with three-phase motors that have the ability to work simultaneously or nonparallel with one another. The process drive offers several embedded services that allow for its optimization and high functionality.

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