AC Drives From Siemens

Siemens is one of the most commonly used motor control systems today. As a manufacturer, the company works towards creating drives that offer various flexible features to make their motors highly efficient.

Each drive optimizes productivity while maintaining energy efficient applications. They offer a wide range of variable frequency drives to create highly integrated control drives.

Siemens creates new motor drives including variable frequency low voltage motors, DC drives, and medium voltage drives. They produce drives with almost any feature including general performance, high -performance, and component, distributed, and enclosed features.

Their AC drives provide the most cost-effective solution, offering the broadest range in variable speed and vector drives. Standard AC drives make motor control safer, dependable, flexible, and easier to use.

High performance and servo drives ensure a high-speed response with complete precision. These AC drives can act as independent controls or dependent with other motor control devices to create a multi-drive system.

Whether you select a standard Siemens’ AC drive or a high-performance servo drive, their products never disappoint. At Schneider Electric Repair, we offer premium repairs for any manufacturer or product, including Siemens’ AC drives.

Our repairs, exchanges, and replacements are done with precision to maintain your AC drive’s performance. If you're interested in learning more regarding these services, see our Siemens repair catalog.