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Repair and Test capability on Siemens SINIMACS S120 Servo Drive systems

Siemens SINIMACS S120

Schneider Electric Industrial Services has recently developed and released repair and test capability for the Siemens SINAMICS S120 line of servo drives.

With fully engineered testing systems, repair procedures and parts availability, Schneider Electric can repair these systems in-house which means offering our customers premiere options in supporting their Siemens products.

Siemens SINIMACS servo drives are typically used in applications such as

  • Assembly, packaging and handling
  • Cranes & hoists
  • Paper and printing
  • Plastics
  • Machine tools

With over 25 years of experience, Schneider Electric servo technicians and engineering staff can offer our customers more choices in the management of their manufacturing infrastructure. The addition of this line of servo drives further demonstrates our commitment to supporting our industrial customers with the widest variety of repair or replacement options available.

Please review our online catalog for current repair pricing by searching for one of the supported Siemens SINIMACS part numbers in the 'search' box below.

6SL31201TE130AA 2HP Servo Module 6SL31202TE150AA 3.5HP Servo Module
6SL31201TE150AA 3.5HP Servo Module 6SL31202TE210AA Smart Line Module
6SL31201TE210AA 6.5HP Motor Module 6SL31202TE218AA 13HP Servo Module
6SL31201TE218AA 13HP Servo Module 6SL31306AE150AA 6.5HP Servo Module
6SL31201TE230AA 21HP Servo Module 6SL31306AE210AA 13.5HP Line Module
6SL31201TE230AB 21HP Servo Module 6SL31306AE210AB SMART Line Module
6SL31201TE245AA 32HP Servo Module 6SL31306TE216AA SMART Line Module
6SL31201TE260AA 43HP Servo Module 6SL31307TE216AA 21.5HP Line Module
6SL31201TE285AA 62HP Servo Module 6SL31307TE236AA 48HP Line Module
6SL31201TE313AA 95HP Servo Module 6SL31307TE255AA 74HP Line Module
6SL31201TE320AA 143HP Servo Module 6SL31307TE280AA 107HP Line Module
6SL31202TE130AA 2HP Servo Module 6SL31307TE312AA 160HP Line Module


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