ABB Products Repair, Exchange, and Remanufacturing

Used across a wide range of industries, ABB products are core industrial devices of automation networks. If electronic equipment stops working, the choices are to either replace or repair. With Schneider Electric Industrial Repair Services, the smart choice is repair. We restore defective repairable products to original equipment standards and guarantee our work with a warranty that covers the entire item we repaired for you, not just the parts we replaced. This option is cost effective and timely to make managing your business as easy as possible.

As a global leader in power and automation technologies, ABB is the largest supplier of industrial motors and drives. AC and DC low-voltage drives and high-power, medium-voltage drives from ABB improve energy efficiency in most applications. ABB also pioneered the world’s first electrically powered industrial robot. Schneider Electric will keep these systems and robots working the way they should. Our repair services include countless ABB models, like these:

  • ACS800 Series AC Drive
  • ACS550 Series AC Drive
  • ACS600 Series AC Drive

Our database consists of many additional part numbers that are produced by ABB and our capabilities are continually being updated with new products we are repairing. To find out more about our repair services, please contact us today.