General Electric Products Repair, Exchange, and Remanufacturing

Businesses need reliable support and Schneider Electric Industrial Repair Services is the company to work with for industrial repairs to General Electric products. Serving the industrial community for over 40 years, Schneider has seen most, if not all, types of issues that arise in electronic products. Keeping business running at optimal levels is what Schneider Electric is all about.

General Electric is a well-known name with a long history of industrial innovation. GE’s products are found in industries and with customers worldwide and are designed to harness the power of imagination to better the lives of their customers. From appliances to water, General Electric has influenced the way we do business.

Because GE is an influential name in the industrial world, Schneider Electric is well-versed with their products and is able to provide high-quality and proven repair services. Our database contains thousands of General Electric products and we are not limited to products we have repaired in the past. In fact, we see new products every day and our services are continually being updated and revised.

Having worked with the following types of General Electric products makes us experts in the repair of:

  • AC/DC 300 Series Digital Drives
  • AC/DC 2000 Series Digital Drives
  • Siltron DC Drives
  • Silcomatic Plus Drive System
  • Series 6 Operator Terminals
  • Quickpanel HMI
  • Genius Distributed I/O System
  • Series 90-30 PLC System

Schneider Electric has the capabilities to repair these and many more. With our ability to repair most industrial electronics including GE brand PLC, HMI, I/O, or drive, there is no need to replace a non-working piece with a new one. This saves time and money and offers our customers the peace of mind of knowing they can rely on Schneider for guaranteed quality workmanship. For more information on our General Electric repair services, please contact us today.