Valve Controls & Actuators Repair, Exchange, and Remanufacturing

Schneider Electric Industrial Repair Services industrial electronic depot repair service handles all industrial components including control valves and actuators. Control of valves and their positioning is a critical part of many process controls. We can thoroughly test your valve controls and actuators and perform needed repair to restore functionality.

Repairing valve controls and actuators offers a cost savings over replacing with new ones. We provide fast turnarounds on repairs to minimize downtime. When you send us a valve control or actuator product for repair, we will clean, inspect, and test the equipment to determine the reason it is not functioning. When component parts are identified as defective, we replace those component parts as well as component parts identified as likely unreliable due to age or indications from our extensive repair historical database.

Our repair process includes visual inspections to identify obviously broken or burned component parts, plus diagnostic static and dynamic testing to find all the problems that prevent the unit from working properly. Once the problem is diagnosed, we replace defective component parts as well as component parts that our vast historical repair database indicates are high-failure items, ensuring that repairs are complete and accurate.

When working with Schneider Electric, you are getting our 40 years of experience and knowledge of industrial components. This is what makes us a leader in the electronic repair industry. And, with a 1-year guarantee on the complete item we repaired, not just the parts we replaced, you can be certain of our repair quality for your valve controls and actuators. Call us today!