AC and DC Drives & Motor Controls Repair, Exchange, and Remanufacturing

Schneider Electric Industrial Repair Services business is a premier repair service provider for all makes and models of AC and DC drives and motor controls.

We service drives from all the major manufacturers and offer our customers the assurance of a quality repair job in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our process includes visual inspection to identify obvious issues (including electrolytic capacitors that are aged beyond reliability), then static and dynamic testing to assure that your drive if fully repaired and functional when it comes back to you. We can load test AC Drives rated from fractional horsepower to hundreds of horsepower!

Our industrial drive repair capabilities encompass products like inverters, AC drives, Vector drives, DC drives, soft starts, motor controls, drive boards, drive subassemblies.

Our AC Drive repair services provide customers with an alternative to buying new replacements or incurring the ‘hidden costs’ of replacing obsolete equipment (such as re-engineering your process or drive mounts as well as retraining operators and having to stock yet another part number in your spares inventory) because original drive equipment is unavailable. We have the ability to source parts and repair equipment thought to be obsolete.

Schneider Electric provides repair services that are more of a complete refurbishment rather than just a basic repair, certifications of equipment as either serviceable or non-serviceable if you have inventory of unknown operational status, and scheduled maintenance options for inverters, AC drives, DC drives, soft starts, motor controls, drive boards, drive subassemblies from all major manufacturers.

As well, we have the latest test equipment to diagnose problems and defective components. Once the problem is found, we replace the defective parts.

We also replace any parts that we determine may fail or may be defective due to deterioration from age or other circumstances, ensuring that the repair item of your AC or DC drive is refurbished to its most optimal state.

And, with a 1-year warranty on the item we repaired, not just the parts we replaced, you can be certain of our repair quality. Contact us today and learn more about our drive repair capabilities!

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