Safety Devices Repair, Exchange, and Remanufacturing

At Schneider Electric Industrial Repair Services, we deliver repairs to safety devices quickly and consistently. We understand how downtime affects business and we know that repairing industrial electronic products in a cost-effective and timely manner is crucial to success. Safety devices are extremely important and must be working properly to ensure a safe working environment. We provide repairs for many safety related devices from multiplier manufacturers, including light curtains and photoeyes.

Our repair process includes visual inspections to identify obviously broken or burned component parts, plus diagnostic static and dynamic testing to find all the problems that prevent the unit from working properly.

Our database contains thousands of safety devices including safety relays, light curtains, photoeyes, and electronic safety products. We have the latest test equipment to diagnose problems and defective components. Once the problem is found, we replace the defective parts. We also replace any parts that we determine may fail or may be defective due to deterioration from age or other circumstances, ensuring that the repair item is refurbished to its most optimal state.

With a 1-year guarantee on the complete item we repaired, not just the parts we replaced, you can be certain of our repair quality. Put your trust in Schneider Electric for repairs to industrial safety devices. Let us help you keep your facility and employees safe with high-quality repairs.