SLC 500 And The Benefits Of An Efficient And Modernized Control System

SLC 500

With over 40 years’ experience in automation systems, Schneider Electric has a proven track record of updating older industrial automation systems to complete state-of-the-art equipment.

What are the risks of an aging control system?

Some industrial automation systems have been in use for many years and are nearing the end of their working life.

According to analysists $65B of installed automation systems are nearing the end of their useful life.

By updating your aging installations with today’s technology, you can retain your competitive edge and avoid the problems that reduce productivity such as:

  • Unscheduled downtime
  • Costly repairs and long lead times for spare parts
  • Lack of support for new information technologies
  • Unreliable electronics
  • Inability to connect to other plant systems and access to process data

Maximize uptime and production with a modernized control system

Control system modernization is the first step to innovative industrial process management while also optimizing your present investment. For increased plant performance, consider migrating legacy Rockwell PLCs to a Unity-based Schneider Electric platform.

As technologies improve, older systems like the Rockwell® SLC™ 500 are simply unable to keep up with modern equipment. This means that there are significant productivity benefits available by upgrading to today’s automation platforms.’ in this place.

Much more than just a technological upgrade, a modernized control system provides:

  • Fast access to the most up-to-date network solutions
  • Easy access to information for optimized productivity
  • Upgraded mean time between failures
  • Cost-effective maintenance and service

Updating your control system gives you an immediate boost to productivity and offers benefits well into the future. Schneider Electric is the perfect partner to trust with this important task.

Our experience gives us a complete understanding of industry process specifics and our global resources help unlock opportunities to boost your competitiveness.

Our smooth, risk free migration process supports you with:

  • Open, integrated, and scalable automation architectures
  • In-depth industry knowledge and an extensive partner network to help build a complete solution
  • Complete service capabilities to support the entire life cycle of the system
  • Tools and expertise to help you improve energy efficiency
  • Solid execution and global support capabilities

The benefits of choosing Schneider Electric Repair for your Modernization Needs

Schneider Electric Industrial Repair Services

When you work with us, the entire life cycle of your system is optimized. We provide an easy two-step migration process of legacy Rockwell Automation SLC 500 systems to state-of-the-art Schneider Electric M340 programmable automation controllers powered by our Unity™ software platform.

Our proven migration process provides reduced engineering cost and risk, automatic software conversion, and minimum production downtime.

We have developed custom software tools that minimize risk and secure existing SLC 500 application investments. These tools quickly create high-quality conversions of Rockwell PLC applications so that all software is preserved and runs in Unity with the same appearance and functionality.

Once all the information, such as I/O tag names, comments, and rung comments, is in Unity, your application can benefit from the power and functionality of the upgraded solution.

Unity Pro software offers similar code execution and documentation to your legacy SLC 500 so that operation staff does not need system training. The graphical user interface has drag and drop functionality and a built-in library provides pre-tested application function blocks. In addition, customizable, user-developed function blocks can be used in other applications.

With a choice of five IEC programming languages, Unity Pro software has intuitive diagnostics to help eliminate errors and is compliant with international PLC programming standard EN61131-3.

It couldn’t be easier to migrate your hardware either. Quick wiring terminal blocks are connected to the new Modicon™ M340 I/O using existing field wiring. Eliminating rewiring reduces installation time and eliminates the risk of wiring errors.

Typically there are three options to migrate your SLC 500 automation systems full migration – PLC with extended I/O rack; partial migration – replace CPU and manage SLC 500 I/O racks with a Unity controller; or replace CPU and keep connections to supervisory network.

The future benefits of modernization

Migrating from your legacy Rockwell SLC500 platform is the first step to integrating our cutting edge PlantStruxure™ architecture that brings together Schneider Electric Telemetry, PLC/SCADA, and DCS offerings to make your operations even more efficient.

The PlantStruxure architecture connects control, operation, and enterprise levels of business together to:

  • Reduce costs for engineering, operations, and maintenance
  • Maximize production and plant efficiency
  • Improve production quality
  • Protect people, plant assets, and the environment
  • Maximize ROI

Let us help you move forward

When you choose to work with Schneider Electric, you are partnering with an industry leader who understands your challenges and offers innovative solutions. One who has proven experience in improving industrial performance and energy efficiency.

Schneider Electric has developed a migration approach to legacy SLC500 systems using software conversion utilities and quick wiring adaptors to make it easy, less risky and less costly to upgrade to today’s automation architectures.

Modernized control platforms help optimize plant control systems from the device level all the way to the enterprise level to increase productivity and reduce operating costs.

To enjoy the benefits of a state of the art control platform, please contact us.