Packaging Industrial Electronics for Shipment

To help us ensure that your product arrives at our facility safely, please be careful to package it properly.

Your electronic equipment is expensive and if not handled properly can be damaged. Please be sure to prepare and package your equipment for shipping so that your product is not damaged or delayed.

Here are recommended practices for properly shipping your equipment.

  • If possible, ship the product in the manufacturer’s original packaging or protective casing. Otherwise, ensure that the item is securely packaged and padded for shipment via a common carrier.
  • Anti-static packaging material – please use anti-static film, anti-static bubble wrap, ESD bags, etc. to insure that delicate components are not damaged by electrostatic discharges during the shipping process.
  • Make sure your item is stable in its shipping container – use shock-absorbing materials, if possible use anti-static foam inserts.
  • Container – please use a reinforced container. For equipment weighing less than 100 pounds, use reinforced cardboard. If the item weighs more than 100 pounds, please use crating.
  • Do not use styrene material – peanuts, foam, or other static generating material, plastic material, or other material that can cause electrostatic discharges.

NOTE: Returning equipment by unacceptable methods voids any claims to the warranty.

  • Place the packing list in the box with the equipment being returned.
  • If using more than one container, place a copy of the packing list in each individual container.
  • Retain the customer file copy in case there are billing questions.
  • Apply the shipping labels to the outside of the container. Generate additional labels as needed for each container.



  • Do not use unacceptable materials, as listed above, when packaging the equipment.
  • Equipment that contains electronic components is susceptible to damage or degradation from electrostatic discharge.
  • Unacceptable materials can generate static charges in excess of 10,000 V, causing a high risk of damage to electronic components.
  • Schneider Electric is not responsible for equipment damage caused by electrostatic discharge generated by improper packaging.