Handling Hazardous Materials for Repairs

Some products that Schneider Electric Industrial Repair Services receives for repair may have been used in applications where they have been in contact with hazardous materials. These may include flow meters, transmitters, probes, or other equipment that has been used in the proximity of processes which include hazardous materials.

When we receive units and identify that there are residues or other evidence of powders, oils, liquids, or other unidentified materials, our processes require that we identify these substances before we begin the repair process.

In order to expedite the processing of your repair, if you send in items that have residues on or inside of them, please include with the item a description of the application and the material. Further, if the item has been in contact with any chemicals or other manufacturing materials that can be classified as hazardous, please include a copy of your company’s MSDS (Material Safety Datasheet) with the paperwork with the item. This will help us to quickly forward your item to the repair process.

Otherwise, our safety processes require that we identify the substance prior to exposing our employees to it, which could result in delays as our customer service department will have to contact you to identify the material.

We find that most of these products have been in contact with benign substances; however our internal safety processes require that we insure the safety of our employees.

If you like, you may submit your information using the form below and attach your MSDS.

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