Fanuc Products Repair, Exchange, and Remanufacturing

Schneider Electric Industrial Repair Services’ capability to repair industrial electronic devices extends to Fanuc servo motors and associated industrial products. Fanuc equipment is an integral part of today’s robotic environment. Repair services provide the customer with an efficient and cost effective solution that is better than replacing defective equipment with new purchases.

Fanuc products are found throughout the manufacturing environment. Automation is a key element in most industrial settings: robots are incorporated into production lines in all industries today. Keeping the products moving is what we do best. Fanuc (and GE-Fanuc) motion control products have been a focus for our repair experts for more than a decade, including:

  • Alpha Series AC Servo Controller
  • Alpha Series Brushless Servo Motor
  • S Series Servo Amplifier
  • Alpha “I” Series Servo Drive

Our Fanuc repair service includes thousands of parts. We are experienced in repairs of all models of servo motors, power supplies, servo amplifiers, touch panels, CPUs, and many additional industrial devices. Our database contains a complete listing of Fanuc products that we currently repair and we are constantly updating and adding new models to the database. With Schneider Electric’s repair service, our customers can rely on us to provide high quality repairs that come with a warranty that covers the entire item we repaired for you, not just the parts we replaced. Save time and money by having Fanuc industrial devices repaired by the experts: Schneider Electric.