Distributed Control Systems Repair, Exchange, and Remanufacturing

With over 40 years of experience in repairing industrial electronic equipment, Schneider Electric Industrial Repair Services is aware of how distributed control system modules fail and how to make them functional again. Understanding that most failures occur in the input/output (I/O) modules and power supply modules means that we can quickly repair these modules to help you get your equipment up and running.

Our comprehensive distributed control system repair service can handle equipment from popular legacy DCS lines including Westinghouse Distributed Processing Family (WDPF) and Bailey Net90. We can extend the service life of these platforms by replacing components identified as defective during visual inspection and static testing, as well as components identified as likely to be unreliable due to age or indications from our extensive repair historical database. After preliminary testing, we typically perform dynamic test to confirm that we have addressed all of the problems an item might have. Repairs come with a 1-yr warranty that covers the complete item sent to us for repair, not just the parts we replaced, as you guarantee of quality.

Repairing distributed control system modules instead of replacing them with new ones is smart and cost effective. With our repair services, DCS modules will function reliably when you need them. Schneider Electric is sure that we can refurbish distributed control systems to save you the time and money that would be spent on replacing them with new components. Contact us to learn more.