Drive Testing

Drive Board Repair

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Load Center

Prior to placing a drive back into service, verifying its operational integrity is the key to ensuring proper operation and a long service life. At Schneider Electric Industrial Repair, we provide full functional testing of drives in support of our extensive drive repair capabilities. This is a comprehensive testing service that includes a full warranty for the entire product. Identifying and repairing failure modes, fully exercising output modules and complete testing of overcurrent circuits will guarantee that your motor will spin to capacity when installed. Our staff of drive engineers possesses years of experience; they are industry professionals that have worked with every brand and type of drive, from Allen Bradley and Reliance to Siemens, ABB, and many others.

We can accommodate virtually any drive testing and repair requirement, with the capacity to fully load test and repair drives from 1 to 600 HP, and partially load test and repair drives well beyond that.

This flexibility is due to the expertise of our staff and a proprietary load center that we developed in-house specifically for drive testing. This innovative system allows us to run your drive at its rated current output; it provides highly accurate, real-time data such as voltage and current on each phase. It is engineered with state of the art features designed to enhances ability, giving the technician complete control of the load applied to the drive.

As a value added service we also provide waterless cleaning of drives and parts. This is a vapor degreasing process that removes all contaminates. Unlike water-based cleaning it leaves no residue and completely eliminates the risk of dendritic crystal formation that can cause shorts and premature failure of circuit boards.

We provide storage of all test data, in conjunction with our historical repair database. This database provides a number of advantages, including instant access to all repair part numbers used. We can also track units over time and identify recurring issues and downtime to develop solutions that will maximize performance.

At Schneider Electric we understand that data is key. For over 30 years we have been compiling a library of documentation such as schematics, user manuals, diagrams, and a wide range of related information. Our combination of industry knowledge, cutting edge testing, and world-class repair services are unmatched in the industry.

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