Berger Lahr Products Repair, Exchange, and Remanufacturing

As an internationally known brand of stepper motors and integrated drives, Berger Lahr is respected throughout the industry for quality products with an outstanding reputation. Schneider Electric Industrial Repair Services acquired Berger Lahr and its products are incorporated under the Schneider Electric umbrella. Being a total solution provider of electronic equipment repair, we offer repair services that provide the highest quality work in a very timely manner. We understand the hardships that occur when equipment goes down and we work with our customers to get them back up and running as quickly as possible.

We are very knowledgeable of the Berger Lahr product line. Our repair database contains thousands of models of their products, for example:

  • WD/P 3-Phase Stepper Drive
  • WD/P 5-Phase Stepper Drive
  • D821 Series Stepper Drive

We are continually adding to the list as new products arrive for repair. With Schneider Electric’s long history in the industrial electronic repair business, we have the capabilities to work on parts that are new to us. Contact us to see how we can refurbish your Berger Lahr industrial devices at a cost savings over replacing with new.