Cutler Hammer Products Repair, Exchange, and Remanufacturing

Cutler Hammer power control and switching devices have a long history as part of an integrated industrial solution for industrial machinery and systems. In order to keep systems running smoothly, Schneider Electric Industrial Repair Services offers repair services to keep these industrial devices working effectively and efficiently.

Since 1978, Cutler Hammer has been part of the Eaton Corporation and is a mainstay of Eaton’s Electrical Sector. Our experience with Cutler Hammer industrial devices is extensive and our database includes numerous part numbers for popular industrial devices including:

  • Operator Interfaces
  • PCBs
  • Transistor Relays
  • Touchscreens
  • S801 Series Soft Starter
  • Panelmate Power Pro 1700 Operator Interface
  • Panelmate Power Pro 5000 Operator Interface
  • Panelmate POWER Series Operator Interface
  • D120 Series PLC System

Relying on Schneider Electric to repair Cutler Hammer industrial devices is a decision that is smart and resourceful. With our access to thousands of parts and knowledgeable technicians, we are certain that we can get your industrial devices back up and running. We would be happy to talk to you about our ability to repair Cutler Hammer industrial devices and the benefits of repairing over replacing. Please feel free to contact us today.