Industrial Electronics Repair Service

Schneider Electric offers a complete industrial electronics repair service designed to keep costs down for manufacturers. With a large team of highly trained technicians and engineers with over 40 years of automation and controls repair experience, we offer a one-year warranty that covers the complete item you send us for repair—not just the parts we replace.

Using state-of-the-art technology to carry out testing, we determine which components are at high risk of failure and replace them. Our team performs both static and dynamic tests to assure reliability.  

Our industrial electronics repair service:

  • Typically costs half (or less) as much as replacing equipment
  • Keeps obsolete products reliably in service for longer
  • Removes the need for training staff to use new equipment or software
  • Avoids the need to re-engineer processes
  • Can conduct testing and certification
  • Helps avoid downtime through scheduled maintenance

AC Drive/DC Drive Repair

Schneider Electric Industrial Repair Services can handle repairs on all AC drives, DC drives, and motor controls. We handle drive repairs on equipment from all major manufacturers and load test AC drives rated from a fraction of one horsepower up to hundreds of horsepower.

We offer: 

  • Visual inspection to identify obvious issues, followed by static and dynamic testing
  • Quality repair jobs in a timely and cost-effective manner
  • Repair of products including inverters, AC drives, DC drives, Vector drives, soft starts, drive boards, motor controls, and drive subassemblies
  •  Capability to locate parts and repair equipment commonly believed to be obsolete
  • Serviceable or non-serviceable equipment certifications

PLC Repair

Programmable logic controls (PLC) are industrial computer control systems that monitor inputs and output (I/O) modules and make decisions. As the functional nervous system behind many of the applications in your facility, PLCs must always function at optimal levels to ensure consistent process efficiency.

Our expertly trained technicians:

  • Perform repairs supported by engineers who design and test equipment using programs that fully exercise the functionality and onboard memory of each PLC or I/O module
  • Replace all component parts discovered to be defective during testing
  • Replace any components likely to be unreliable due to partage or as suggested by our expansive historical repair database
  • Use dedicated test equipment designed to fully examine the full capabilities input-output modules to ensure the functionality

Distributed Control System (DCS) Repair

A Distributed Control System (DCS) is a computerized control system for a plant with a large number of control loops. Autonomous controllers are geographically distributed throughout the system, connected by a high-speed communication network and controlled through a central operator supervisory control.

At Schneider Electric Industrial Repair Services we understand that most DCS failures occur due to: 

  • Input/output (I/O) module failure
  • Power supply modules failure

Our DCS repair service offering includes: 

    • Fixing a broad range of legacy DCS equipment from well-known brands
    • Identify and replace defective components, ultimately extending the service life of the equipment
    • Repairing components that are likely to be unreliable based on our historical database and the age of the part
    • Performing a dynamic test to ensure we have addressed all the possible problems typically found in a DCS

Industrial Electronic Repair Services at Schneider Electric Repair

Repairing industrial electronics instead of replacing them with new ones is often the smartest and most cost-effective decision. Our repair services offer reliability, cost, and time savings across AC/DC drive repair, PLC repair, and DCS repair. 

Contact us for more information about our comprehensive range of repair services for all brands of industrial automation products. 

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